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How About We Take A Look Inside?
From: Mark Hartmann
Managing Partner, GlobalBanks
Hi there, 

I'm Mark Hartmann, Managing Partner of GlobalBanks and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Offshore Banking.

Along with my team, I've been opening offshore and international bank accounts for over a decade. 

This report takes all of the key lessons that we've learned over the years... 

...we've packaged it into a straight forward and actionable report for people just like you. 

You're going to get all of the steps & best strategies to make account opening easier, cheaper, and faster.

So, if you're interested in getting the best accounts with the best service possible, this is the report.

Get ready for a straight forward no BS approach to account opening!
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Want To See How This Guide Is Already Helping People Open Offshore Bank Accounts?
If You're Sick and Tired of Fake Gurus & Shady Service Providers, Then Read These Success Stories From Actual Clients Who Have Used The Strategies from the Ultimate Guide to Offshore Banking to Open Accounts Around the World...
Riley Morrison
Independent Contractor & Digital Nomad from the United Kingdom
"After Months of Struggle, I Got My Account Open In 20 Minutes. It Was Mind Blowing!"
Riley had been trying to open accounts for two months. She faced a lot of hurdles as an independent contractor and digital nomad when applying for a bank account. 

So it was no surprise to her that she needed a different approach to account opening. 

She purchased the Ultimate Guide to Account Opening, found four banks that fit her needs, and got in touch. 

Within 24 hours all 4 banks had replied. She followed up with the one that she liked the most, and within 20 minutes she had her account open.

Now Riley is focused on growing her portfolio of clients and enjoying her international travels!
Riley Morrison
Independent Contractor & Digital Nomad
from the United Kingdom
Fred Müller
International Consultant
 from Austria
"My BVI Company Was A Curse When I Couldn't Get An Account Open, But Now It's A Blessing Thanks To GlobalBanks!"
Frederick setup a BVI company because of all the benefits that it offered to him as a consultant working with clients from around the world. 

Unfortunately, after spending all the money and time to setup the company he wasn't able to get a bank account open for over a year. 

He could still sign contracts, but he couldn't receive payments, pay contractors, or even pay himself - it was completely useless. 

Then Frederick found the Ultimate Guide to International Banking and was able to find banks that actually accepted BVI companies owned by European nationals. 

Now he's growing his business and sending and receiving payments without a problem. He was even able to get a debit and a credit card, and access to attractive investment products from the bank!
Fred Müller
International Consultant
from Austria
Nathan Peters
Software Entrepreneur & Crypto Investor from Canada
"My Money Isn't Wasting Away Any More, It's Now Working For Me"
Nathan is a successful entrepreneur from Canada. When he turned 36 he decided to change things up. He left his home town and started traveling. Now he's a proud PT able to run his business remotely. 

To continue his new lifestyle, Nathan needed to find a good bank, in a safe jurisdiction, that offered reasonable products and low rates. But everytime he got close, he was getting turned away... but he couldn't figure out why.

After following the lessons in the Ultimate Guide to International Banking and following the steps to not red-flag himself during the account opening process, Nathan was able to get a great account at a top European private bank... 

And he opened it with less than the normal opening deposit!

Nathan is now enjoying his life, traveling between Latin America and Southeast Asia, running his businesses and no longer worrying about his money.
Matthew Anderson
Graphic Designer from Australia
"I'm Not Stressed Anymore. I Know My Money Will Be There When I Need It."
Matt is a graphic designer for an Australian marketing agency, he's well paid and likes to spend his money traveling non-stop.

As a graphic designer, he benefits from being able to work remotely most of the year, and takes advantage of the flexibility. 

But his bank from Australia kept freezing his account whenever he tried to access funds overseas. 

He needed an account that was designed for an international traveler just like him, one that understood and supported his lifestyle. 

Thanks to the Ultimate Guide to International Banking he was able to find and open an account that met his needs and not waste anymore time or money trying to get his accounts unlocked.
As You Can See, the Ultimate Guide to Offshore Banking Has Already Helped People Open Accounts...
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Your Ultimate Guide to the World of Offshore Banking
Was $197  Now Just $9.85
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The GlobalBanks team has collected feedback from our premium members to prepare the most comprehensive guide that outlines the key strategies that work for opening accounts.

You're about to receive a breakdown of the best strategies that you can start implementing right now to find & open the best accounts for your situation. 

This includes picking the best countries to bank in, finding and approaching the banks, and keeping your accounts open.

This report is for anyone wanting greater security, greater control, and more options to do what they want, where they want, and when they want with their money. 

If that's you, read on to find out what else you get with this premium report from GlobalBanks
The Ultimate Guide to Offshore Banking
This premium report is the foundation of all account opening strategies used by GlobalBanks Insiders. 

It includes a straightforward explanation of the steps you need to take to find and open accounts offshore.

And yes, before you ask, the strategies in this report will work for people and businesses from any background or income level.

As you'll find out in the report, you can't change who you are and it's not worth pretending you're someone or something different.

Instead, you simply need to follow the steps that we outline to find the best bank that meets your specific needs.

You see, the strategies and tactics that are included in this report are the result of our experience opening accounts around the world over the last decade.

Our team has experience opening in Europe, North & South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and everywhere in between.

We understand banking better than anyone and we've put together a full report that breaks down the exact strategies and account opening processes that we use to find and open accounts. 

This is the one report that you need to read before you start attempting to open offshore bank accounts and move money internationally. 

It will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars... and you can access it right now for a 95% discount. 

Instead of the regular price of $197, you will only pay $9.85.

We're doing this as a special offer to thank you for your interest in GlobalBanks and our reports! 

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Offshore Banking Isn't Just For The Super-Wealthy Anymore...
For decades, wealthy people from all over the world understood the benefits of offshore banking. 

By keeping their money in a country outside of where they were from or lived, they had greater financial security, asset protection, and the ability to make more money in international markets... just to name a few benefits. 

And while the cost to access offshore banking has come down in recent years (if you know where to look) the benefits remain the same

Which means that people from around the world have started to realize the power of offshore banking in helping them better protect their money, increase their returns, and get better service from significantly better managed banks.

Unfortunately, this has also led to an onslaught of shady service providers and "offshore gurus" who claim to offer the keys to opening accounts offshore. 

But, we know better. We know that these offshore service providers offer fake unnecessary services and that any single person can access even the most exclusive banks in the world on their own... if they have a bit of guidance.

Consider this report the beginning... it lays the foundation, shares the strategies you need to open accounts without wasting money on service providers. And you can do it all by yourself, for just $9.85.
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Your Ultimate Guide to the World of Offshore Banking
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We deliver on our promises. So when we say you are going to get the strategies that you need to start opening accounts, that's exactly what you're going to get. 

But, if you're not satisfied and these strategies have not helped you open accounts just send us a one-line email to within 14 days of purchase and we'll issue an immediate refund.
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